designer, photographer, writer


End Rabies Now


Role: Lead Interactive Designer

We worked with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control to create a website that could function as a tool in reaching out to potential government partners, and a broader educational resource. In a post-launch review, we found that visitors had downloaded resources and shared content over 3,000 times. 30% of site visitors have taken action and pledged to end rabies now. Completed at Brooklyn United.

A note on photography: GARC didn't have a large archive of photography, and we didn't want to use dry stock images. In order to put a human (and canine!) face to the story, we decided to crowdsource images from Flickr. I worked with our strategists to find local images from many countries affected by rabies; we then reached out directly to those photographers to invite them to be a part of the campaign. We wanted images that were dignified and celebrated the loving relationship between humans and dogs, instead of villainizing it. 




The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges rabies eradication faces is a lack of awareness. Many people do not realize how deadly rabies is, but they also don't realize how easily the disease can be prevented. I worked with the strategy team to create an interactive map tool that allows users to look up and compare how many rabies deaths per year each country faces, and the financial burden of the disease on those countries.  


Write to your MP

The site is primarily a tool for GARC to use in conversations with potential partners, but we also wanted to include a way for the public to contact their elected officials.