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Knox Alumni Magazine

turning a print magazine into an interactive experience


I worked with Knox College to reimagine their alumni magazine as an interactive digital experience. The digital magazine goes far beyond a pdf rendering of the print magazine and becomes its own product. I’m most interested in projects where I can help clients organize complex content into intuitive stories, so the experience of turning a print magazine into a digital product was an exciting challenge! Projected launch September, 2017.



Lead UI/UX Designer, Lead Visual Designer


HIgh Fidelity wireframes

In order to support an accelerated project timeline, I created a robust round of high-fidelity wires, reflecting a full magazine of content. I collaborated with our strategy team to identify content types and tags to organize the magazine across multiple issues. Working in principle, I prototyped key interactions.


reorganized for digital consumption

Within each section, we identified a hierarchy of module sizes to reflect the flow of the magazine. Taking cues from print magazine design, we also designed a system to “preview” important articles at the start of more robust sections. The digital magazine is also fully responsive.


immersive stories

I wanted the experience of reading the big feature stories to feel similar to opening a feature spread in a magazine. The navigation collapses to create a more immersive reading experience.


Detailed Animations

I supplemented InVision prototypes with more detailed Principle animation prototypes to give both the client and our developers a better idea of the intended interactions.


Detailed handoff


Completed at Brooklyn Digital Foundry