designer, photographer, writer
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Brooklyn Digital Foundry

brand, UI/UX and visual design


I redesigned the Brooklyn Digital Foundry brand as part of our new name launch. The project involved a branding phase where I collaborated with our other two designers, and then wireframing, prototyping, and visual design which I took the lead on. I also worked with our in-house architectural visualization team to incorporate their work and ensure consistency. Finally, I took all our studio portraits! 



Visual Design


extensive animation prototyping

This project was completed on a tight timeline, so I created detailed prototypes in Principle for our developers to work off. 



I shot all the studio headshots to go with the new site. I wanted the headshots to be consistent enough without becoming boring. After scouting locations around DUMBO and doing a test shoot, we decided that the skyline from 20 Jay offered a nice muted cityscape.